Week of 12/15

Monday: Today we reviewed equilibrium concepts with a worksheet that shows and equilibrium graph and is only sort of good. The concepts are good except for calculating the new K! It comes out wrong! I went over this in class we calculated what the concentrations should be at equilibrium.  We reviewed Le Chatelier’s Principle by looking at how we could increase the percent yield of the ammonia synthesis and then looked at the picture of the equipment used for industrial ammonia synthesis which was in the first packet handed out this unit.

Packets I handed out:

Homework: Continue with S. Pasadena WS.  Do textbook problems listed on Unit outline  (FYI: for those of you who were absent – the homework does not cover anything we did today!)

Tuesday Today we started with work on an equilibrium problem to practice the math.  Many of you have yet to really start the homework and it is going to really hurt you in the end! Next we reviewed Ksp and then solved the first part of the practice AP free response that is on the back of the unit outline.  Next we did some more in the skeleton notes including learning about the common ion effect and ion product to predict if a precipitate will form.  Here’s a copy of the skeleton notes filled in.

Wednesday: We did the pre-lab and started the setup for the Ksp of Ca(OH)2 lab

Thursday: Finished collecting data

Friday: Reviewed for Test all block

Monday: Equilibrium and Ksp test.  Got data off labquests. Homework is to do the analysis questions. No need to do lab in lab notebook.