Week of 1/23


Today we started with some warm-up questions, reviewing Ka problems.  Then we did the salt hydrolysis exploration lab in which each person tested two ionic compounds  to see if they made the pH change. Here are the results.

The rest of class we worked on understanding what happened in the lab and explaining it.  At this point you should be able to take an ionic compound (a salt), write the hydrolysis reactions for each ion and determine if it will form a neutral, acidic or basic solution. Here’s the notes.


Today we reviewed a bit from yesterday, went over the term amphiprotic, the meaning of Ka1, Ka2, Ka3 for polyprotic acids.  The rest of class you spent working on ChemActivity 47 in the packet. Here’s the answers.

HW: finish chemactivity 47 (the exercises on last page) + textbook problems.


We started with a Buffer Demo to show you what a buffer does and then we watched an online simulation to see how it works at the molecular level.  Next we worked through the new packet’s outline of notes and made it to the page where you had to identify buffer systems and give an approximate pH.


Continued with Buffer notes and problems.


No class b/c I was at a textbook adoption meeting