Week of 1/5/15

Monday: We started with a review of pH and pOH calculations and where it comes from (Self-Ionization of water). Then we did the chemactivity on definitions of acids and bases.  Note to self- PLEASE remember to change the definitions for arrhenius! They are confusing! Anyway, once nearly everyone made it through the identification of conjugate acids/bases we moved on to distinguish strong acids from weak.   A couple volunteers (Maddy and Amanda) measured the pH of a 1.0 M HCl and a 1.0 M HC2H3O2.  The predicted pH was 0, but only for HCl was it 0.  HC2H3O2 was greater than 0 indicating that it didn’t make as much H+ as it was supposed to…. this led into notes about strong vs. weak acids.  We ended w/ organic acids and amines definitions and symbols.   Notes.

Tuesday: Scary snow day. We had a somewhat shortened class with only 3 students absent, but went ahead anyway. We did pg 11-15 in the packet.  Homework is to get through page 15.  Page 16 is entirely optional. It’s just extra practice of some calculations we did on Monday.

Homework: Watch pH to pKa video here.

Wednesday: Short day b/c of a 2 hr delay.  We did some review (pg 9 and 10 of packet). Then you had time to practice pKa calculations.  Some of you watched the video b/c you had not yet done the hw.

Thursday: Super short b/c of 2 hr delay. So class was only 30 min.  We did this list of review questions.

Friday: Full class! Woo-hoo! I introduced the pKa lab and then you completed it.