Week of 2/13


Today we started with review of atomic structure (first few pages of packet) and then worked on Coulomb’s Law ChemActivity. During the 2nd half we reviewed periodic trends including interpreting graphs and using pattern in IE to predict group or valence electrons of a given element.


Today we reviewed with a couple of practice AP problems from the packet and then finished the PES packet. Most of you had to finish some of the PES for homework.


Today we started with review of a couple more AP problems on page 43 (2005 and 2008) then I checked page 21 while you guys worked on pg 22.  That launched us into the lecture on electron configurations and orbital diagrams because the PES is evidence that the Bohr model needs refinement.  Here’s the notes.  We went over all the theory today and did some practice. Tomorrow will perhaps have a little time for battleship and the exceptions.


Practice econfigs and orbital diagrams. Battleship + exceptions: pge 30 and 33 in packet


e-config vocab, multiple choice practice + other review for test on Wed.