Week of 2/20


No school b/c President’s day


You all took your atomic structure test.


Intro to bonding notes, ions formed by transition metals, ionic radii, ionic bond strength. Here’s the notes.

HW: review what we learned today. Start google classroom questions.


Trends in ionic and metallic melting points + Born-Haber cycle notes.  We watched a video on formation of sodium chloride to show the energy given off in this reaction. That brought up some questions about sodium in its natural state so we watched a bit of this video.  Here’s the notes for today.

HW: Work on google classroom questions, do #1,23 on page 15 in packet, read 10-12 to learn about alloys.


Today we reviewed born-haber cycles by having your work in groups making posters for the last few problems on page 15-16.  The second half of class I lectured a bit on coordinate covalent compounds, you practiced naming, identifying ligands, coordination numbers and charges on the metal ion.  No naming will be on your test – just the vocab: ligand, coordination number and interpreting the charge of the metal ions.   Next we talked about why transition metals are colored in solution and then n the last 15 minutes we did a lab using complex ions to distinguish Iron (II) from Iron (III).  Nothing to write down – was just an exploration lab (so don’t worry if you were absent).

HW: Review.  Test is on TUESDAY!