Week of 2/22

Monday: Today we went over melting point trends for metals and ionic compounds and then learned how to draw Born-Haber cycles and calculate lattice enthalpy using them.  Here’s the notes.

HW: Finish Google Classroom essays, read alloy pages of packet and finish Born-Haber problems in packet.

Tuesday: Complex ion naming and start crystallization lab (make slides which we put away in cupboard under lab bench).

Wednesday: Observe crystals and then review.  I went over some common mistakes in essays and then had some practice questions in a google doc that we did in groups (used the carousel technique – groups answered question on big paper and then rotated to see if anything needed to be added/changed).

Thursday: Test

Friday:  Started with organic naming and then review of Lewis structures + more advanced lewis structures (formal charge and exceptions to the octet rule). Here’s the notes including answers to organic naming.

Videos for today: