Week of 2/28


Review for ionic bonding test.


Ionic bonding Test (unit 9a)


I was out so you worked on reviewing stuff from last year in a google classroom assignment.


Today we started by learning organic naming.  And then in the last 15 minutes we went over resonance and calculating formal charge to determine the best Lewis structure.  Here’s the notes.  If you missed the organic lecture or need to see it explained again – here are some of the videos I made at my old school.


Molecular Shape Simulation

  • What are all the possible shapes?
  • What are the bond angles for each of the shapes?
  • How many bonds/ lone pairs make up each shape
  • What is the difference between electron geometry and molecular geometry?
  • How are double and triple bonds treated when determining shape?
  • Using the real molecules sim
    • Look at the structure, determine the shape, see if you are correct
    • Look at the bond angles.  Do bond angles for real molecules match theoretical bond angles?

After you worked on the simulation we summarized and got out the modeling kits to go over the different shapes and their arrangements. Here’s the notes. For the last 15 minutes we worked on the molecular modeling lab.

HW: Draw Lewis Structures and determine shapes for all of set 1 and set 2 of molecular modeling lab on page 15.