Week of 2/29

Monday: Today we went over VSEPR theory using these notes. (Video on VSEPR from last year). The 2nd half of class we went over hybridization, but did not cover sigma and pi bonds yet.  HW: finish molecular modeling lab except for c, d, and k (answers) on the instruction part. Work on textbook problems.

Tuesday: We learned functional groups and learned to name carboxylic acids and alcohols. Here’s the notes + answers for packet worksheets.

Wednesday: Today we started with a review of hybridization and shapes and then I introduced sigma and pi bonding.  Here’s the notes. Then we did the candy modeling and for the last 15 min you worked on the organic modeling lab (answers).

HW: Textbook problems

Thursday: Today we worked on the organic modeling lab. Answers.

Friday: Today I lectured on polarity. I wanted to do the activity in your packet using the phet simulation, but it doesn’t work on macs and the wi-fi was down for all of A block! Ugh. Anwyay, here’s the notes. After notes we finished the molecular modeling lab which gave you more practice on lewis structures for expanded valence, hybridization, formal charge, sigma, pi and determining molecular polarity.  Bobby took pics of the answers.