Week of 3/23

Monday: Instead of having the test we started the thermo unit.  We went over Q=mCdeltaT, did a lab with CaCl2 and the baking soda/vinegar reaction to calculate heat of reaction/mole.  We also did some Qin = -Qout problems and briefly went over heating curves and those calculations.

Tuesday: Test on IMF and properties

Wednesday: Warm up was a Qin = Qout problem with melting! Most of class was spent learning 3 more methods for calculating heat: bond enthalpies, hess’s law puzzles and heats of formation.

Thursday: Review of 3 types of problems then internal energy and work problems.

Friday: Entropy and Gibbs Free energy.  We kinda ended the day short since it was the day before spring break so even though there was time to work problems I don’t think many of you did…