Week of 3/28

Monday: Review for properties test – I went over some basics, we did the chart in google drive and then we worked on packet problems.

Tuesday: Test

Wednesday: Today we took notes on energy and calorimetry.  Second half of class you did a calorimetry lab in which you designed methods to determine the heat of dilution for 18 M sulfuric acid and a reaction between acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate.   I think it was really good to make you write out the calculations and decide on data before getting started because you worked out some of the trickier parts of calorimetry – like using the total mass in the Q = mCdT equation.

Homework: Lab calculations.

Thursday: Today we went over 3 ways of calculating heats of reaction using given data (given in tables in the textbook or on a worksheet). Here’s the notes.  The three methods: Bond enthalpies, Hess’s Law and Heats of Formation.

Homework: Calorimetry calcs: 6.67, 6.69, 6.97, 6.101, 6.59, 6.61,  Hess’s law: 6.71, 6.73, Heat of formation: 6.77 and 6.79, Bond Enthalpy: 9.85, 9.107, 9.109

Friday: We started with a lecture on internal energy and work, then did exercise 1-3 in packet 1 starting on page 10.  Notes.

Homework: 18.31, 18.33