Week of 3/9/15

Monday: Today we learned to name aldehydes and ketones and then did the organic modeling lab. It was great practice for hybridization, sigma and pi bonding.  I briefly reviewed the idea of polar bonds so you could answer those questions, too.

Tuesday: Today we did the Phet Simulation on Molecular Polarity.  Used this to guide you. At the end of class we went over the shapes that are always non-polar.

Wednesday: Went over section 15.5 in textbook. 4 things that make acids strong – polarity in period, bond strength/atomic radius in a group of acid halides, number of oxygens in an oxyacid and electronegativity of the atom that isn’t H or O in oxyacids.  We went over part 2 of the organic modeling lab and then spent the rest of class practicing shapes and polarity (back of powerpoint packet).

What I am collecting on test day: Textbook problems and organic modeling lab!

Thursday: review day. You’ll have time to finish stuff or do the AP multiple choice problems.

Friday: Bonding Test!