Week of 4/4

Monday: Today we did some review of heat problems (page 17 in packet 1) and then did the heat of fusion of water lab (pg 9).  Write-up is to do calculations and analysis questions on worksheet, but also to explain the theory behind the calculations (explain what is going on in the lab/how we are determining the heat of fusion/why this works):

  • Molecular Level: properties – use terms kinetic energy, potential energy and intermolecular forces
  • Rxns: Thermo: why does this method work? What are the equations and what do the variables mean?
  • Chemistry Math

Lab due Thursday.

For the second half of class we discussed entropy using these powerpoint notes through slide 20.

Tuesday: Today we started with a warm-up to review heat of formation calculations and entropy ideas. We also showed how you can use the same formula for entropy as you used with heats of formation to find change in entropy for a reaction.  Then I went over power point notes to introduce delta G – Gibbs Free energy.

HW: Textbook problems!

Wednesday: Today we started with some warm-up questions to review entropy, delta G and work. That took all of A block.  During B block I lectured on the relationship between delta G and equilibrium. Here’s the notes and warm-up.  The last 10 min of class we worked on page 8 in packet 2.

Thursday and Friday: Thursday we went over solubility, including the idea that water can become more ordered when an ionic compound is dissolved in it.  Rest of class and Friday’s class we worked practice problems.

Answers to MC on page 22 of packet 1) D 2)D 3)D 4)D 5)D 6)C 6)C