Week of 9/12


Today we started with a warm-up on the difference between chemical and physical properties.  This helped us review molecular level drawing ideas. Then we did  a bunch of lecture on why we think there are atoms/evidence for atoms. If you missed the lecture (check out these notes from class or these typed notes.) and then answer the google classroom essay.  Most of B block was working on the essay.


Notes on refinement on the atomic model. Here’s the notes.

HW: Watch mass spec video 1.a.3.2, finish that mass spec page in the packet that we were working on in class. Continue with textbook problems.


Finish up mass spec & Review for test. Here’s the notes w/ answers for mass spec q’s.




Review of dimensional analysis ideas + a couple mole problems as a refresher. Then we did CA 2 to see how the mole was derived. You should be able to give 2 meanings of mass on the periodic table now and explain WHY we use 6.022e23.  The rest of class we worked on the Avogadro pre-lab.  Might need to update pre-lab questions next year b/c they don’t lead kids to a conclusion.

HW: Review Moles Video 1.b.2.2 & Naming Review Video 1.b.1.1