Week of 9/19


Today we did the Avogadro lab.  Most were able to get a bunch of trials and do initial calculations.

HW: fill in lab report except for conclusion. We’ll do that in class tomorrow.   Make sure you’ve reviewed the videos on empirical and molecular formulas for class on Wed.



Today we worked on Avogadro lab & conclusion writing. I handed out the pink sheet to give you a sense of the structure of a conclusion.  I also emphasized the need to justify your claims – to not just say that a particular error skewed the data, but to think about whether it increase or decreased the final result and by how much. This requires additional calculation to show the significance of the error. Also consider assumptions that might be false!



Today we reviewed empirical and molecular formulas. Making sure to justify each step using atomic and molecular theory. We spent the last half an hour or so working textbook problems.

HW: work on avogadro lab


No class b/c early release


The first half of class we worked on the packet – started with page 12 mole problems.  Emphasized using dimensional analysis as well as percent composition to solve.  Then you did some naming practice and I showed you a mnemonic for memorizing the -ate ions.  The second half of class we reviewed for your test on Tuesday.  I will be expecting you to justify molecular and empirical formulas at the molecular level.  See the notes here and here.   The last half hour I introduced the lab we will do on Monday and then had you work on the challenge problems that are in the packet under the objective chart.

HW: Review for test on Tuesday! Finish Avogadro Lab! Read Lab! Make sure to dress in long pants, sleeved shirt, close-toed shoes on Monday.  You may want old clothes. Sulfuric acid will put holes in them!