Week of 9/21

MondayAvogadro lab.  Hopefully there will be enough time to talk through the conclusion so you won’t have so much to do tonight!

Tuesday: The plan is to go over the grading system so you guys are clear on what you need to do to get an A, B, etc. and so that you can understand how to interpret your grade in activegrade.com. Then we’re going to do some empirical and molecular formula problems and explain them at the molecular level. But we didn’t do this… instead we worked on the calculations for the Avogadro lab since many of you weren’t sure about them.

Homework: Hydrate video

Wednesday: I realized that an important key in explaining/justifying calculations is starting with the definitions/properties of atoms and molecules. So we started with a brainstorm of these.  Here’s the notes which went over empirical and molecular formulas as well as hydrates and most importantly, their justification at the molecular/atomic level!

HW: Textbook problems / finish lab

Thursday: No class b/c it was short and A block was cancelled.

Friday: We did some challenge problems for A block, making sure to learn to do them in 2 ways and be able to explain all the different methods.  During B block we went over determining empirical formula using combustion analysis. Video here:

Homework: Study for moles and formulas test on Monday