Week of 9/23

Monday: Today I handed back the test and went over a few of the problems that many of you missed. I will be doing a retake for the formulas and moles parts (question 28-35) sometime early next week.  Today we spent working problems.  Many of you, it seems, have a hard time interpreting the problem so that is something to work on.  We also clarified that the double displacement packet will not be collected, but it is strongly encouraged that you do page 12 at least and read through the rest of it.  I will put problems from page 12 on your test in addition to other double displacement reactions that you have not written before.  You will need to be able to predict the products and determine if a reaction has occurred or not. Here’s the work from today’s problems.

Mass Spec Video if you need it.  And check out all the videos I made for you to help with homework. They are under the tab for Unit 2!

Tuesday: Today we started with a  couple warm-up double displacement problems and then I did a demo of how one might use gravimetric analysis to determine an unknown concentration of something.  Test is move to Thursday. Be ready for lab tomorrow!

Wednesday:  You guys were given the challenge to determine the alkali metal in an unknown alkali metal carbonate using a precipitation reaction.  Everyone was able to figure it out and get your reaction completed and filtered by the end of class.

Thursday: Test day.  Took whole block. Boo.

Friday: Finish write-up for alkali metal lab. This involved weighing precipitate, doing calculations, considering what went wrong and then writing a conclusion.

HW: Review limiting reactant.  See videos under unit 2 or 3.