Week of 9/30/13

Monday: We started the limiting reactant and gases unit with a micromole rockets lab. I did this because it introduces you to some more types of reactions and gives you a real feel for the idea of limiting reactants.

HW: Do pg 13-14 in your double displacement packet and review limiting reactant problems.

Tuesday: I was hoping to hand out the unit outline, but it wasn’t done by class time. Here’s a copy for those of you that were absent and need the homework problems.  The first part of class I gave notes on various types of reactions and then you worked on limiting reactant problems.

Homework: Finish problems (see unit outline)

Wednesday: For the first part of class we did a chemical formulas lab. The point is for you to see how you can use the method of continuous variations and the concept of limiting reactants to determine the chemical formula of a compound.  The second half of class we talked about gases and how we measured them.  I did a couple PV=nRT problems and a couple stoichiometry problems with PV=nRT.  Notes from class.

Homework: 3 PV=nRT with stoich problems (See unit outline)