Week of 9/3/13

Tuesday: First day stuff. Went over syllabus. Then tested out iPads doing safety activity on safety page. Need to adjust this activity next year. Kids can’t save work because all questions are required! And a bunch of the questions were cut off.  Homework was to get lab safety contract sign and read some of error packet to review sig figs and uncertainties.

Wednesday: Started with safety stuff. (Here’s the lecture) Went over emergency procedures and some key points from the safety quiz.  The rest of class we worked on the density lab.  Homework is to review matter concepts with comprehension questions and finish density lab.

Thursday: Review everything in chemistry day….here’s a pdf of the notes. I handed out periodic tables, ion sheets and some naming practice.  Homework was to do some textbook problems reviewing things from last year.  Note: if you have trouble with the homework – read the associated section of the chapter! It’s all review!

Friday: Went over some homework problems b/c there were so many questions.  Just a reminder – answers are in the back for most of the problems and if you don’t remember how to do something – READ!  The last 25 minutes or so we worked on the pre-lab for the “Green Chemistry: Determine purity of a mixture” Lab.  I sent you home with  a copy of a lab report to help you with the math.  Do not show the lab report to students not in your groups. When you come to class on Monday have the pre-lab done =)

Other advice – Look ahead to homework for next week (Unit outline). Plan ahead! Maybe even get ahead!