Week of Dec 12


Today we started with review questions on graphs and half lives.  Here’s the link to the smart notes.  I realized that I should have asked a different question – instead of a graph of concentration vs time, needed to describe how a graph of moles or mass vs time would change. Here’s the notes from class.

The second half of class we went over the Arrhenius rate constant equation and the various forms of it.  Got stuck on the graphing problem b/c I didn’t notice that you had your axes mixed up!! Bah.

HW: practice problems/ readings/ etc.


Today we reviewed mechanisms….how to get rate law from the mechanism. Ended up doing some rather challenging problems with 1/2 powers! Fun!


Today we reviewed for the test by working on packet problems (multiple choice, textbook, other random questions in the packet that you didn’t finish.  I also mentioned that the Dye Fading Lab had been graded and you should check the feedback I gave.




Kinetics Test