Week of Dec 5


Today we started with reading reaction rate graphs so you can understand how to get rates from a graph and so that you will understand how we get the data we used later to determine rate laws.  I had you guys work on CA 57 and for the first block.  At the beginning of the 2nd block I went over it with the power point notes and showed how to get the units for the rate constant..  The rest of the block you worked on the problems on CA 57.

HW: finish CA 57 problems (answers – will need to scroll down to find them) and read catalytic convertor and effusion/diffusion article if you haven’t done so yet.



Today we did the Dye fading lab.  We did NaOH and phenolpthalein this year.  Need to make it 1 M NaOH to make it work.


Time to work on lab / work problems in textbook.

HW: Lab, readings, HW


First half we did some review questions (outline collision theory, why does T affect rxn rate, integrated rate law problems, method of initial rates problems).  2nd half I lectured on reaction mechanisms.  If you missed it or need a review. Check out these videos.

Reaction Mechanisms (mine)  (goals/notes you should take)

Reaction Mechanism for Fast equilibrium step before slow step (Paul Groves)

HW: Readings & Q’s (specifically about ozone this time), lab, textbook problems