Week of Feb 1

Monday: Teacher work day/end of quarter  (last week was off b/c of snowzilla).

Tuesday: Titration curve analysis.  I gave some notes and then had you make titration curves on big paper showing calculations for 4 different points.

Wednesday: Finish titration curve analysis – talked about buffering region and location of equivalence point for weak acid and weak base titrations.   Second half of class I did the indicator demo with blue food coloring. Then gave notes on indicators – the gist is that you need to pick and indicator that has a color change at the same pH as the equivalence point and you can do that by making the pKa of the indicator match the pH of the equivalence point +/- 1.  Then we did the indicator lab where we used all of your buffers to see at which pH indicators would change color.

Thursday: Review for acids/base test part 2. Worked on multiple choice questions, textbook problems and drawing pics for titration curve.  Here’s Bobby’s with some edits by me.   Here is the video I made for you on titration problems.

How to find the pH at various points on a titration curve from Maggie Wiseman on Vimeo.