Week of Feb 11

Monday: Candy modeling.  Swedish fish and toothpicks to illustrate trig bipyramidal and octahedral.  Then marshmallows, life saver gummies and twizzlers to illustrate sigma and pi bonds.

Tuesday: Electronegativity, polarity, polar bonds, percent ionic character, polar molecules, lecture and practice. Handed out a practice test.

Wednesday: We started with some free response problems from the practice test I handed out yesterday and then I lectured on factors that contribute to acid strength, Lewis Acids/Bases and coordinate covalent bonding. (SmartBoard Notes)  Tomorrow we’ll do a little more with this!

Thursday:  I asked you guys to do more on the “modeling lab” and alot of you were having a hard time relating shape and hybridization so I went over that.  Then we did a review of coordinate covalent bonding terms and did this worksheet. The last 40 min you spent making a valentine from a Lewis Acid to a ligand.

Friday: Beer’s Law Lab  Homework: Transition metal movie   Announcement: Test is THURSDAY, Feb 21 despite what it says on your calendar!