Week of Feb 25

Monday:  Physical properties, started with boiling point graph WS, went over a little of physical properties ppt to give you the idea, then jigsaw activity to learn vocab and practice determining how IMF affect various physical properties.  Break then more ppt, specifically on vapor pressure since that is the lab we were going to do in the next couple of days.  Last 20 minutes or so a brief intro to network covalent bonding with Carbon ppt.

Tuesday: Started with Carbon questions from Carbon ppt packet. Then went over pre-lab for Vapor Pressure Lab

Wednesday: Vapor Pressure Lab

Thursday: Lots of talking…review of a bunch of stuff from first year chemistry: heating curves, phase diagrams, solubility factors, emulsifying agents, how we measure solubility (molality, mole fraction) and then colligative properties. Didn’t have time to get into theory, just presented the ideas and equations.

Friday: Time to work on problems/lab (homework)