Week of Feb 4

  • Monday: Ionic Bond strength, melting points of ionic materials and metals + calculations of lattice energy using Born-Haber Cycle (continued in this packet).  Here’s the Smartboard notes (includes all notes from last week’s bonding lectures, too)
    • Also handed tests back and there were some questions about what the AP exam will really be like.  Here’s the info
    • Homework: Suggested you do one of the Born-Haber cycle problems in the packet.  Answers are on the last page.
    • Test on Wed.  Topics to be covered are:
        1. Ionic radius explanations
        2. Transition metal ion prediction / electron configurations
        3. Explain trend in ionic melting point
        4. Explain trend in metal melting point
        5. Draw and label Born Haber cycle
        6. Define lattice energy, heat of formation, heat of sublimation, bond enthalpy, ionization energy, electron affinity.
        7. Calculate Lattice energy


  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday: Test and Covalent Bonding notes
  • Thursday: Advanced lewis structures and hybridization
  • Friday: Hybridization
    • http://www.uwosh.edu/faculty_staff/gutow/Orbitals/Cl/Cl_AOs.shtml
    • http://www.uwosh.edu/faculty_staff/gutow/Orbitals/N/What_are_hybrid_orbitals.shtml