Week of Nov 14


Today I showed a simplified derivation of PV= nRT.  You did some problems in the textbook and then derived 22.4.  Then you did some PV = nRT with stoichiometry problems  in the packet.  Then I gave you an equation for density and molar mass and asked you to derive an equation for molar mass in terms of density using PV=nRT.  Then you did a practice problem with that and we took a break.

The second half of class: started with an empirical and molecular formula problem that was mixed with PV=nRT and then I gave you the baggy challenge. Plump up a baggy with baking soda and vinegar.

HW: Textbook problems on empirical gas laws and ideal gas laws


Went over the Dumas Method of determining molar mass, then a bit of lecture on Real vs. Ideal Gases. I presented the van der Waals equation and then we did some problems in the packet (1982 and 1984)


Dalton’s law notes and derivation of mole fraction from partial pressures, notes on stoichiometry over water, etc. 2nd half we talked about why you can apply the mole ratio directly to the volume ratio when gases in a reaction are at constant P and T.  Then we worked on the multiple choice questions.


Design lab: Determine the ideal gas constant R and show that it is constant for at least 2 different gases.