Week of Nov 16th

Monday: Dye fading lab! Note to self: blue needs full strength bleach and takes only about 5 min. Red works the best with the weaker bleach. Yellow does not work. Also, we need more colorimeters!

Tuesday: Do Dye Fading Lab Analysis

Wedneseday: We started with the ozone article and questions after you guys got your labs turned in.  This was good b/c it let you practice reaction mechanism stuff. We briefly reviewed a couple of concepts like intermediate v catalyst  v. activated complex/transition state and which step in a mechanism is the slowest (highest activated complex).  Then I started my lecture on the Arrhenius equation but we didn’t get very far before class was over.  Basically gave you the equations but didn’t do any problems…

Thursday: Today we finished up the  activation energy concepts and went over some half life stuff that can also be tricky (know %’s).  Then I handed out the review guides and the dye fading labs so you can spend tomorrow reviewing for your test on Monday.  Here’s the notes and what not from yesterday and today.  List of topics for test:

  • Check detailed list on unit outline.
  • Boltzmann distribution
  • Effusion/Diffusion
  • Collision theory & 4 factors that affect rxn rates. Incorporate Boltzmann in to discussion for Temp and Catalysts
  • Potential energy diagrams that show affect of catalyst. Identify number of steps, contrast activated complex w/ intermediate.
  • Rate laws
    • Differential: using does rate double when concentration doubles?
    • Integrated: plot graphs of concentration v. time and determine which is most linear.
      •  Use linear equation to solve for conc at certain times,
      • half lives,
        • find half life from graph of concentration of reactant v. time and deterimine if first or 2nd order.
    • Reaction mechanisms – use mechanism to determine rate law, molecularity, identify mechanisms that don’t fit rate laws.
  • Activation energy (arrhenius equation)
  • Apply above to ozone layer depletion and catalytic convertor.

Friday: no class. I am at a conference. study for your kinetics test on Monday (here’s the answer key to the review guide that says IB HL at the top)