Week of Nov 2

Monday: Design lab time! Last day to collect all your data.  Grades as follows: Due next Monday, Nov 9th.

Experimental Methods Math Data Collection and Presentation
 Shows thorough understanding of method, thorough explanation of a detailed plan (procedures, including calculations) as we as thorough evaluation of results.  Demonstrates thorough ability to apply mathematical process and can justify their use (this time, use gas laws). (clearly labeled calculations w/ any assumptions stated, inc. Just and application of s.f. Rules)  Thorough measurement technique, presents data clearly and correctly.
 Less thorough, but competent Demonstrates ability to apply mathematical routines and can sometimes justify their use. Less thorough. (s.f., labeling)
 Lacks justification  Demonstrates ability to apply mathematical processes to solving chemistry problems. Poor technique. (miss. Est. dig, +/-)
Discussion or plan is weak or missing too much. Demonstrates some ability to apply mathematical processes to solving chemistry problems Missing essential information
 No Evidence  No Evidence  No Evidence

So for Methods/Error Analysis make sure you:

  • Calculations
    • Show work/ justify with words as you go along like you did on mixtures lab
    • Justify number of sig figs in final molar mass.
    • Calculate percent error.
      • Sample 1 was Na
      • Sample 2 and 3 were K
  •  Procedures
    •    Say what you are doing (steps),
    •    why you are doing it that way (rationale for choices – use KMT principles),
    •    how you will get an answer (calculation), including plan for certain sig figs
  • Error Analysis/Conclusion
    •  Did you get good R values? Was one gas better than the other? Are they similar? Why should they be similar?
    • Limitations of method/equipment/conclusions,
    • discussion of variability (precision…number of decimal places since you don’t have multiple trials) and accuracy (percent error) of the data that is justified
      • State the error
      • Determine whether it was random or systematic and justify this
      • What effect did the error have on the results – in detail. Do math if necessary. Do not just say it would throw off the result. Give an example.

Tuesday: No school, teacher professional day (also voting day)

Wednesday: Test

Thursday: Simulation on Rxn Rates.  HW: Work on lab

Friday: Boltzmann notes and worksheet + catalyst demos, potential energy diagrams and explanations of Temp and Ea using Boltzmann. HW: effusion/diffusion reading and questions and catalytic converter article.