Week of Nov 9

Monday: Today we did chemactivity 36 to learn how to calculate reaction rates.  I tried to do the iodine clock demo, but it did not work for some reason…next we tried the iodine clock lab but had major difficulties with it. Some of you got no results and some of you had the middle concentrations change color the fastest.  Weird. Will have to make new stuff.

Homework: continue with readings on catalytic convertor/air pollution and effusion/diffusion.

Tuesday: Today we learned how to determine the rate law and read reaction rate graphs.  Homework is to finish pages 13 to 15 in packet.

Wednesday: Grading day, no school.

Thursday: Today we started with a review of determining rate law.  So many of you professed having major difficulty with the homework that I gave some time to explain some of the harder problems. Boo!  I also went over our first integrated rate law (just first order). Here’s the notes.  

Homework is to watch the reaction mechanisms video being careful to watch for these items.  Also continue to work on packets and textbook problems listed on unit outline (rubric).