Week of Oct 24


Reviewed for 2b test. Since I want you to take test w/o calculator I showed some sample problems that you could expect and some tricks for solving them w/o a calculator.  Most of the class was spent working problems or working on your alkali carbonate lab.


Test day. Test was too long. Will have to finish tomorrow.


I am out sick. We will finish test on Friday.  Today I want you to do 3 things

  1. watch these 2 videos & take notes
  2. update your online portfolio
  3. work on your alkali carbonate lab


Community Day – no class


Today you finished your test and then the rest of the block to work on the packets.

The packets are not numbered, but if you number each page starting with the Unit outline as page 1 and numbering even the empty back pages…

  • do page 3 based on video 1 above
  • do some of page 6 – just predicting the products and balancing w/o worrying if a reaction happens yet.  See this video for help on single replacement.
  • do page 7 & 8.  The rules for finding oxidation states are on pages 7 and 9 (page 9 has examples)
  • do page 12-13 using notes that start on bottom of page 9 or this video or this video .