Week of Oct 31


Today’s class was broken up into two halves, but the whole class was spent working on the activity series  lab. The first half we did the experimental part and the 2nd half we did the simulation.  (See Google Classroom) At the end of class I went over how to write half reactions for single replacement reactions. (see video on unit 4 page for help)


Today we went over a bunch of the analysis questions on the activity series lab (google classroom) and then we practiced balancing more challenging redox reactions in acidic and basic solution.  Most students made it through 2-3 redox reactions in the packet.


Today we worked on the Redox Titration lab (in packet and on google classroom). The first half you worked on the pre-lab – balancing redox rxns.  The 2nd half you took data.  Tomorrow we will work on the analysis.  Test is moved to Monday.  All should have turned in their lab notebooks unless they have an extension on their Alkali Carbonate Lab.


Today we worked on the calculations for Redox Titration lab. The goal was to finish by end of class.


Today we started with using table of standard reduction potentials to determine if a reaction will happen. We did practice problems in the packet.  Noticed the positive slope pattern that made it much easier!  Not for next year that the worksheet has an error on it (charge on S2O8 should be -2 and answers should say it is being reduced, not oxidized!).  We talked about how to predict stronger/weaker oxidizing/reducing agents and how to choose a good oxidizing agent for a redox titration.

HW: Study for Redox Quiz