Week of Sept 28

Monday: You took your 1b test on moles and formulas and then we did some review of percent yield.

Homework: watch video 2.a.3.1.  If that one doesn’t work, watch 2.a.3.2, 2.a.3.3, 2.a.3.4 all found on unit 2 page.  Try problem 3.93 from the end of chapter 3 in your textbook.

Tuesday: Limiting reactant demo and LR practice in the packet.

Wednesday: Micromole rockets lab

Thursday: Green chem pre-lab

Friday: Green chem lab – first part of class you got into mixed groups and presented the 3 different ways of doing the calculations. Then you went and did the lab and many had time to do the calculations. Write up is to do calculations only.  No conclusion. Percent purity was 84.58% (actual value).   Remember to show your logic as you are doing the calculations!